The transit industry is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by technological advancements and innovation. However, these transformations also bring an increase in risks, such as ransomware attacks and unauthorized access to sensitive data, among other threats.

What You're Protecting

  • Operational disruption
  • Customer PII (Social Security numbers, addresses, and account numbers)
  • Public safety
  • Supply chain
  • Financial data
  • Trust and reputation

Industry Risks

Transit authorities, which includes public buses, and trains, as well as private and commercial airlines, have the responsibility of overseeing not just transportation systems but also public systems at large. They face unique cybersecurity risks due to their critical role in ensuring the safety and mobility of people.

Transit organizations operate complex infrastructures, rely on interconnected technologies, and handle sensitive data, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.


Percentage of increase in transit industry ransomware attacks


Percentage of transit agencies that do not have disaster recovery plans


Percentage of transit agencies that still only audit once a year

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