know your attack boundaries

Unveil the unseen

Threats can emerge from places you never knew existed. You cannot defend what you don’t know exists. Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the art of discovering every digital entry point to your organization. It’s time to shed light on the unseen, to fortify your digital presence, and to stay one step ahead of those who seek to breach your defenses. Embrace visibility with Buddobot’s Attack Surface Management capabilities, a component of our Continuous Adversary Emulation™ (CAE) service. Your digital domain, safeguarded like never before.

The Challenge

When business moves fast, so does technology. Both large and small organizations are made up of complex webs of infrastructure, websites, relationships, SaaS, and APIs. Adversaries target these assets when you are least expecting it.


  • Did marketing spin up a promo once that never got removed? 
  • Did an acquisitions IT roll-over happen completely? 
  • Did a developer team go rogue and requisition unapproved cloud infrastructure? 
  • Was a partner integrated with the business, but never off-boarded, leaving behind abandoned DNS registrations?

The Solution

BuddoBot utilizes innovative external attack surface monitoring to enumerate your holistic threat profile. This part of the campaign often identifies assets that have slipped through the cracks and have made their way to the internet. These are the types of easy omissions that adversaries take advantage of because they are often insufficiently secured.  As an added value to our customers, we provide this external profile during the engagement to help bolster your internal asset registry and empower your SOC.

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