Federal and State

The government stores vasts amounts of sensitive data and oversees critical infrastructure and supply chains being primary targets for nation-state actors. 

What You're Protecting

  • Citizen PII (Social Security Numbers, Addresses, and Account Numbers)
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Cross Government Functions
  • Classified Data
  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Industry Risks

Cybersecurity risks for federal and state government organizations are significant due to the sensitive and critical nature of the data they handle and the potential impact of breaches on national security, public services, and citizen privacy. Government organizations at both the federal and state levels need to prioritize cybersecurity efforts. This includes investing in modern cybersecurity technologies, conducting continuous defensive exercises, conducting continuous offensive exercises, providing cybersecurity training for employees, and collaborating with other government agencies and cybersecurity experts to stay ahead of evolving threats.


Percentage of cyber-espionage incidents that are enabled by phishing

Number of state and municipal governments and agencies that were impacted by ransomware in 2021


Percentage of breaches and cyberattacks on the US that were perpetrated outside the country

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