The financial sector is the most targeted industry as financial data, funds, and customer-sensitive data are increasingly valuable on the dark web.

What You're Protecting

  • Customer PII (Social Security numbers, addresses, and account numbers)
  • Customer financial data
  • Customer funds
  • Banking transactions
  • Loan/Credit data and funds

Industry Risks

Many attacks within the banking and financial sector come from insider vulnerabilities, where staff within a banking or financial organization inadvertently leaves the company open to attack.

Often, financial institutions have sophisticated security in place but rely on third-party vendors, such as cloud service providers, to manage the cost of compliance. Any attack on the financial institution or from a third party tied to the institution can damage reputations and leave organizations subject to breaches and fines.


Percentage of data breaches that are financially motivated

The average cost in USD per data breach within the financial industry


Percentage of increase in ransomware attacks against the banking industry in 2021

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