WHO WE are

we dare to be different

Movin' and shakin' since 2008

We’ve got an awesome crew of highly specialized and hard-to-find talent who are passionate about what they do. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, bringing our unique skills and fresh perspectives to the table. We’re all about having fun, making connections, and paying it forward while being dedicated to the job at hand.

What in the world is BuddoBot?

We love this question and we get it a lot from those who don’t know us… at least not yet. BuddoBot, founded in 2008, is a veteran and minority-owned small business that supports critical DoD and Federal agencies. We have a robust Information Technology program and we specialize in authentic Offensive Cybersecurity to support national security, critical infrastructure, and commercial organizations across the nation. Our team of subject matter experts and professional hackers consists of highly talented security architects, engineers, and developers that create custom solutions for our customers.

What does BuddoBot mean?

Buddo – A derivative of buddy.

Bot– A representation of technical efficiency and accuracy.

Combine the two and you have BuddoBot (pronounced bud-o-bot). Our name reflects our unique culture and collaborative approach. We care about our customers and are extremely thorough and organized.

Why choose BuddoBot?

We thrive on challenges. Each project we take on is a puzzle we want to solve. We care about process and quality. Our team of exceptional subject matter experts and engineers come together to support your mission and to create the best solutions possible. We’re constantly in learning and testing mode, refining our skills and staying up-to-date to be the ultimate extension of your team.

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