Offensive Cybersecurity

Actual testing against your defense
not just scans

A strong defense is a must, but not enough...

Global technology is evolving daily, both in reach and sophistication.  In parallel, threats are increasing. Malware, ransomware, denial of service, and intellectual property theft can wreak havoc for any organization.  Post breach recovery efforts can be costly and crippling.  BuddoBot knows the best defense against malicious attacks is a strong offense.  Our ethical hackers have expertise well beyond automated scans to simulate real-world threats against your environment to identify the weaknesses that put your business at severe risk.

More Capability

The statistics are scary...

With cyberattacks on the clear rise, it’s important to be diligent. It’s easy to get complacent and believe that it could never happen to you. Even the sharpest technology and security companies/teams need to be tested by a third party like us. Don’t let your organization become one of the statistics below. These are just a few – the list is unfortunately very long…


Success Rate of Penetration into Company Networks by Cybercriminals


Percentage of Corporate CyberAttack increase from 2021


Percentage of Data Recovered Post Ransomware


Percent of Cyberattacks Infiltrated via Email/Phishing


Percentage of Breaches involving a Human Element


Percentage of Cybersecurity Breaches due to Human Error

Average cost for post data-breach recovery in 2021

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