BUILT TO breach™

we emulate the adversary

Battle-tested and ready?

Adversaries are growing in sophistication. Attack frequency and complexity is increasing. Do you rely heavily on automated tools and vulnerability scans to validate your security and readiness? Automated scanning and occasional testing won’t keep up and can’t match the creativity of a targeted attack by an actual malicious actor. The only way to know if your organization can be breached by malicious hackers is to bring on a team of professional hackers, like BuddoBot, that are Built to Breach™.

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It will never happen to us...

Often we think our network, systems, and web applications are secure and attackers can’t get it. The vulnerability scans indicated all is well, but unfortunately, automated testing only goes so far. 

Cyberattacks are on the rise and it’s easy to get complacent and believe that a breach may never happen to you. Even the sharpest technology and security companies and teams need to validate their defenses against targetted attacks. Don’t risk becoming a statistic. Get a step ahead of the adversary by having targeted attacks emulated by BuddoBot.

Below are just a few of the statistics in an unfortunately very long list…


Percentage of Breaches Due to Human Error

Average Days for Security Teams to Identify and Contain a Breach


Percentage of Malware Delivered Via Email


Percentage of Security Teams Impacted by Talent Shortage


Percentage of Organizations That Only Test Their Defense Quarterly


Percentage of Respondents Endured Between 1 and 5 Successful Cyber Attacks

Average cost for post data-breach recovery within the U.S. in 2022