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National Security is Our Priority

BuddoBot, a veteran and minority-owned small business, has been a pioneering force in cybersecurity and information technology since 2008. We have formidable teams dedicated to safeguarding our nation’s most critical systems across the U.S. military, federal agencies, critical infrastructure, and commercial organizations.

One Mission. Two Service Areas.

With two distinct service areas (offensive cybersecurity & information technology), our subject matter experts complement one another and leverage each other’s expertise to foster innovation through knowledge sharing, research and development, and solution engineering. We are driven by the complexities of technology, the necessity of proactive security, and the unified need for robust national security on a systematic and digital scale.

Offensive Cybersecurity

Our offensive cybersecurity team is known for our proactive and continuous approach to emulating real-world adversaries. We created our flagship solution, Continuous Adversary Emulation (CAE), to shift the industry away from periodic, fully automated, and potentially watered-down testing. Armed with advanced tactics and techniques, we provide our customers with invaluable insights into their organizations’ defensive posture and response effectiveness.






Information Technology

BuddoBot has subject matter experts deployed across the globe, supporting critical Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies and standing as a battalion against digital threats. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and proactive strategies to fortify our customers’ defenses, support and deploy cloud infrastructures, and engineer and sustain critical systems. We have a keen eye for identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures in all that we do.







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