real hackers. real emulation.

The closest you'll get to actual adversaries

BuddoBot’s Continuous Adversary Emulation™ (CAE) is an annual service designed to bring the best offensive cybersecurity services, expertise, and tools the security space has to offer into one custom tailored continuous solution. CAE is broken down into six components as seen below.

Key Elements

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Social Engineering
  • External Threat Campaigns
  • Assumed Breach Campaigns
  • Penetration Testing

Gone are the days of one and done...

If you’ve ever been involved in a security breach, you know that even the best defenses can fail. Point-in-time security testing doesn’t cut it when adversaries are looking to breach companies 24/7. The last few years have been eye-opening for breaches within some of the largest known household companies. We know because we have been intimately involved in the recovery and remediation of some of them.  

What did these breaches have in common? Many of them did not follow traditional security testing patterns and they bypassed common best practice defenses. Organizations feel helpless. That’s where we can help. Think of Buddobot as your red-team-as-a-service.

How can BuddoBot help?

Our CAE service emulates real adversaries. Our deep experience in the field reveals one common denominator; adversaries are opportunistic and patient. They have unlimited time to plan, prepare, and exploit your defenses. Based on our research and expertise, we have structured our service for a long-term engagement. Our team leverages known Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) as well as dynamic red team tactics to give you the best possible answer to the question: can I be breached? 

Over the course of the campaign, you will receive continuous External Threat Campaigns and scheduled Assumed Breach Campaigns by our Offensive Security Engineers. This can include a full suite of capabilities: advanced phishing and vishing campaigns, external infrastructure testing, web application testing, assumed-breach internal testing, attack surface management, and threat intelligence reporting.  

Each engagement is customized and tailored to deliver maximum value based on each customer’s needs or requirements. We also pride ourselves on our ability to help you detect and mitigate beyond the standard types of reports we see in the industry. While our services are red, our hearts are purple. Below is a sample engagement map for a one-year CAE service.

We are expertise first, tools second. Unfortunately, the industry is saturated with automated tools. We are here to shake things up and show the world that you can’t just rely on point-and-click testing to truly emulate the adversary.


CISO & Hacker in Charge

Quality & Expertise Matters

BuddoBot has a long history of working with the best security testers in the industry. Our staff of Offensive Security Engineers has decades of experience in offensive security. They have presented and contributed to the community at world-renowned conferences such as DEF CON, BlackHat, OWASP, RSA, Security BSides, SANS, IANS, ISSA, and more. Their contributions are often cited in books and trainings worldwide.

Our dedicated team of Offensive Security Engineers works hand-in-hand with the broader security researcher community. Thanks to our extensive connections in the bug bounty space, we have relationships with some of the most talented and experienced specialists in various domains of offensive security. We leverage this network of experts throughout your campaign, to ensure you receive the highest quality testing possible. Our collaborative approach allows us to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the wider security community, enabling us to provide you with unparalleled insights and recommendations to enhance your security posture.

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