The manufacturing sector is now the most targeted industry as intellectual property, production loss, payment capacity, and inadequate security become rapidly growing concerns.

What You're Protecting

  • Vendor and employee PII (Social Security numbers, addresses, and account numbers)
  • Production
  • Intellectual property
  • Employee safety
  • Consumer safety

Industry Risks

Manufacturing faces escalating cybersecurity risks as industries embrace digital transformation. From automated assembly lines to interconnected supply chains, the increasing reliance on technology makes this sector susceptible to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and espionage. Protecting against these threats demands robust security measures, employee training, and constant vigilance, as failure to do so can jeopardize production, intellectual property, and a manufacturer’s competitive edge in an evolving digital world.


Percentage of ransomware attacks targeting manufacturing

Average cost for manufacturing to restore to operational status post ransomeware


Percentage of all internet-of-things traffic comes from manufacturing

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