Department of Defense

BuddoBot has been serving DoD agencies since 2008. These agencies have complex requirements for both bid and execution of their contracts. Our DoD division provides services beyond CAE to support many critical missions and functions. As DoD agencies continue to modernize their cybersecurity posture and resources implementing CAE increases in necessity. 

What You're Protecting

  • U.S. Military, Government, and Cleared Professional PII (Social Security Numbers, Address, Family Data)
  • National and Global Security Missions
  • Highly Classified Data and Intelligence
  • Military Base and Government Installation data/locations
  • Troop and Contractor Logistics

Industry Risks

The DoD space is an extremely large enterprise with multi-layered infrastructures. Its extensive footprint creates numerous target areas. With foreign cyber-criminal groups targeting military and federal networks, cybersecurity is imperative. Insider threat, insider takedown, and insider espionage are most common in this industry. Mobile security for troop movement in operations is crucial as this industry reaches across the globe.


Percent of all cyber warfare strikes directed towards the United States.

Number of PII related data breaches in 2021


Percentage of breaches and cyberattacks on the US that were perpetrated outside the country

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