Professional Sports

Today’s sports arenas and stadiums are comprised of innumerable cyber-physical dependencies.

What You're Protecting

  • Event/public safety

  • Communications & PA systems
  • Mobile ticketing entry systems
  • Team/ownership/brand reputation
  • Team social media and PR accounts

Industry Risks

The increase of paperless transactions across arenas and stadiums heightens the risk of fraud and system takeover.

The reliance on Wi-Fi during game day is substantial; a game day disruption would cripple a venue.

False public emergency with PA system takeover or scoreboard manipulation could create chaos within the venue.

Customer/fan data breaches and reselling could create reputation damage and decrease future sales revenue.

The expected revenue for the global sports industry in 2026, making it an attractive and growing target for cybercriminals


Percentage of sport organizations that experience a cyber attack every year

Number of NFL teams that had their social media accounts compromised in 2020

We Are Here to Help

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