The automotive industry has made significant technological advancements with both internal production/operations and external end product efforts, which leads to greater cybersecurity-related vulnerabilities.

What You're Protecting

  • Operator safety
  • Public safety
  • Brand reputation
  • Dealer-sensitive data and financials
  • Customer-sensitive data and loan/credit information

Industry Risks

The influx of electronic vehicles (EVs) generates a higher demand for security with more electronic controls over the vehicles’ mechanical controls.

With greater autonomy comes greater risk. Vehicle hijacking is a legitimate risk with remote control access of acceleration, braking, and navigation systems.

Attackers may even be able to drain battery systems remotely while accessing them through onboard Wi-Fi or mobile applications.

The global automotive V2X market is projected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2022 to $19.5 billion by 2028

There are over 100 million lines of software codes in high-end vehicles, making it a target for hackers

Estimated number of connected vehicles worldwide by 2025

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