"Professionalism: It's not the job you do, It's how you do the job."

What We Do

We take on challenges, we turn solutions… Does it seem all too common to be in a meeting only to hear the same handful of challenges and excuses over and over again? Does it seem as though people focus on the problem rather than creating a solution to eliminate the issue? BuddoBot understands how all projects can be faced with many challenges. We like to understand them and immediately focus on creating a solution. We feel that matching up a logical mindset with out-of-the-box strategic thinking creates a unique view into every situation. This allows our team to get to the core of any challenge and quickly devise a plan toward successful delivery. You will not hear excuses with BuddoBot.

Throughout every engagement, BuddoBot shares its best practices and corporate knowledge with our clients. We are on the job not only to deliver the solutions desired by your organization, but also to ensure proper transfer of knowledge takes place. BuddoBot offers a full range of Information Security, Infrastructure solutions, and AV & Communications. We also offer rapid deployment surge teams both on a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis to help you achieve rapid results. Since BuddoBot is an 8(a) company, federal organizations are able to get BuddoBot onsite faster through the SBA Direct Award process. Please view our core services for further detail.

Secure Assure Comply - Process

Many people ask how we are able to apply a solutions based methodology into environments that have such a deep separation between their IT and IA workforce. We have witnessed in many environments that there can be a constant challenge between IT and IA personnel. One that has been suggested as unsolvable; one that goes further than a specific solution. Why is it these teams rarely see eye to eye? The IT team doesn’t understand the IA requirements. The IA team mandates the requirements, but doesn’t understand the technical implications for certain controls. The list goes on… At BuddoBot we strive to alleviate separation. All of our Information Security specialists and engineers are dually trained IT and IA professionals that understand both the security and technical implications and how to effectively communicate to all parties involved. We follow a simple guidelines and standards outlined below.


  • Security related certification (e.g. CISSP, SEC+, GIAC)
  • Computing environment certification (e.g. MCSE, CCNA, CCNP)

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Trained in security policies and controls
  • Technical capacity to implement controls

Bridging the Gap

  • Effectively communicates to both IT/IA
  • Understands high-level communication for managers and officials
  • IT/IA workforce gain a better understanding


  • Stakeholders see forward progress
  • IT/IA function better together


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