DOD/FEDERAL services

 supporting national security

We support mission critical DoD and Federal Agencies

Although offensive cybersecurity and CAE is our flagship offering, we also have amazing teams of Buddos deployed on federal and DoD contracts supporting critical missions. Our teams of network engineers, enterprise architects, cloud specialists, compliance auditors, watch analysts, system administrators, and security engineers support missions around the globe. Our services complement one another and serve a role in fortifying our customers’ networks, systems, and applications. 

Cybersecurity & Support Services

We deliver cybersecurity and support solutions to all branches of the US Military and federal agencies. Our expertise in these industries has been ingrained since the beginning of BuddoBot, and our services have consistently adapted to incorporate cybersecurity as a fundamental component in every aspect. Our dedicated team of Buddos are highly skilled, innovative, and meticulous, continually enhancing conventional approaches to develop effective solutions. We utilize this breadth of service and wide subject matter expertise in conjunction with our CAE teams to ensure we remain at the forefront of teachnology and offensive cybersecurity. This is also why our Blue Team debriefing components of our CAE service are so robust.

We are problem solvers at heart. We love taking on complex challenges and figuring out the best approach to exceptional solutions.


Information Technology

Cyber Advisory Services

      • SecOps Planning and Advisory
      • Comparative Rating and Analysis
      • Cybersecurity Action Planning
      • Cybersecurity Awareness Briefing and Training
      • CISO Advisory Services


Program Management

      • Strategic Plan Development
      • Project Lifecycle Management
      • Budget & Talent Management
      • Organizational Design & Process Improvement
      • Logistics & Change Management
      • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)



Cybersecurity Compliance

      • NIST
      • GLBA
      • FISMA
      • HIPAA
      • PCI
      • SOC 2


      • Readiness Assessments
      • Migration Roadmap & Strategy
      • Cloud-to-Cloud Movement
      • Validation & Performance Testing
      • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment
      • Cloud App Deployment
      • Security & Risk Assessment



Technology Services

      • Systems Administration & Engineering
      • Development
      • Telecommunications
      • Network Engineering & Architecture
      • Configuration Management
      • Data Analysis & Delivery
      • Technical Support

Research & Development

      • Tool Creation
      • Threat Research & Analysis
      • Open Source Contributions
      • Emerging Tech
      • Emerging Threats
      • Innovation Lab
      • Creative Design/Development



Our NAICS Codes

BuddoBot can be deployed and provide services to any DoD/Federal Agencies under the following NAICS codes.

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