GENERAL cybersecurity

 supporting national security

We support mission critical organizations

Although offensive cybersecurity is our core service, we have amazing buddos deployed on national security, critical infrastructure, federal, and DoD contracts supporting critical missions with wider scope. Our teams of network engineers, enterprise architects, cloud specialists, compliance auditors, watch analysts, system administrators and security engineers support missions around the globe.

General Cybersecurity

We provide the below cybersecurity and support services to highly critical agencies across the globe. From Air and Missile Defense to homeland systems that support troop movement and more.  We started in this space and our services have continously evolved with cybersecurity as an overlay across each offering. Our deployed buddos are extremely talented, innovative, and diligent evolving many standard methodologies into unique, custom, and effecient solutions.

We are problem solvers at heart. We love taking on complex challenges and figuring out the best approach to exceptional solutions.


Information Technology

Cyber Advisory Services

      • Comparative Rating and Analysis
      • Cybersecurity Action Planning
      • Cybersecurity Awareness Briefing and Training
      • CISO Advisory


Vulnerability Assessments

      • Network
      • Host-Based
      • Application
      • Database
      • Wireless



Cybersecurity Compliance

      • NIST
      • GLBA
      • FISMA
      • HIPAA
      • PCI
      • SOC 2

Social Engineering

      • Phishing
      • Spear Phishing
      • Vishing
      • PreTexting Emulation
      • ScareWare Emulation
      • Call Center Campaign



Beyond Cybersecurity

      • Program & Project Management
      • Systems Administration & Engineering
      • Telecommunications
      • Cloud Migration & Sustainment
      • Network Engineering & Architecture
      • Configuration Management
      • Data Analysis & Delivery
      • Technical Support

Research & Development

      • Tool Creation
      • Threat Research & Analysis
      • Open Source Contributions
      • Emerging Tech
      • Emerging Threats
      • Innovation Lab