Joint Ventures

What is Agile-Bot?

Agile-Bot, an 8a JV (joint venture) between BuddoBot Inc. and Agile-Defense, Inc., provides Information Technology and Information Security services to Federal, State, and Department of Defense agencies. The strategic alliance between these two companies captures the essence of small business while providing the resource power and expertise of a larger entity. Together as Agile-Bot we provide high quality solutions within a competitive rate structure.

Our Joint Venture partner, Agile Defense, Inc., is also BuddoBot’s Mentor through the SBA Mentor Protege program. Agile Defense is an ISO 9001:2015-registered, CMMI Level 3-rated, information technology solutions provider committed to partnering with our customers to deliver the highest level of service in the national security market. With a strong customer focus, Agile Defense has established a solid reputation of partnering with their clients to deliver innovative IT solutions with their “Listen. Think. Innovate.” philosophy.

Small Business Alliance

As an 8(a) certified Joint Venture, Agile-Bot can fully participate in the numerous sole-source and set-aside procurement opportunities offered by the Federal government. Sole source contracts can be approved in a matter of days. Federal Agencies with a Small Business Program will understand how to guide their contracting officers, planners and engineers through the sole source contract program. Because the 8(a) program is a federal mandate, Federal Agencies receive credit for the amount of work they issue to an 8(a) company. The current sole source ceiling value is $4 million per contract.

Agile-Bot brings together the unique capabilities and qualifications from both BuddoBot and Agile Defense, creating an exceptionally strong small business that can manage task orders of all sizes without the loss of focus you get from a small business and the quality you would expect from a larger entity.

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