Information Technology

BuddoBot offers expertise in building, repairing, and maintaining secure scalable IT environments without sacrificing cost efficiency, fast execution and quality delivery. Organizations can take advantage of an IT team who can drive IT strategy and decisions, deliver appropriately on technical projects, add value, and provide a thorough technical analysis. Most importantly our team understands security policy and controls. We do not implement out of compliance, our job is to get your organization not only functioning with higher efficiencies but also fully compliant. We strongly believe in leveraging industry best practices to create those efficiencies with the ultimate goal of reducing cost without impacting the strength of the deliverable.

Information Technology Solutions Provided:

  • Network Architecture and Engineering
  • Inside Plant (ISP) Outside Plant (OSP)
  • Site Remediation and Installation
  • Virtual Infrastructures
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Backup Infrastructures (COOP/DR)
  • Systems Engineering and Management
  • Systems Administration and Support

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